Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is an endangered species center near Glen Rose, Texas. The center specializes in endangered species conservation and research. The center covers 1,800 acres, where over 1,000 animals are able to roam free in their natural habitats.

General Info

At Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, you can tour the area, following a nine mile drive through the rolling hills, grassy plains, and forested areas.

Drive up to any of the 50 species of exotic animals, such as cheetahs, antelope, zebras, ostriches, and giraffes. Along the drive, you can stop by the Overlook Cafe. Here you can enjoy a variety of treats, while overlooking the fantastic scenery.

Guided tours are also available at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. These tours cover parts of the preserve that can't be accessed on the scenic drive. You can go on a guided bike tour, stay in an African-style safari tent, or spend time in one of the rooms at the Lodge. .

What to Expect

The Fossil Rim Wildlife Center has a variety of endangered species on site. Some are extremely rare and seldom seen in natural habitats.
For example, the addax, also known as the white antelope or screwhorn antelope, is a critically endangered antelope species, and is extremely rare in it's natural habitat (the Sahara Desert).

Another rare species you can see at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is the southern black rhinoceros. Even though there are very strict laws prohibiting hunting the rhinos, poaching is common. The southern black rhinoceros is poached for its horn, which is commonly used in Asian medicines.

The sable antelope is another endangered animal that you won't want to miss when you visit Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. They have beautiful chestnut coats, with white facial markings. The sable live in the Main Pasture of the center, where they're the dominant species.

Other unusual species that you'll want to make a point of viewing include the mountain bongo antelope, the Mexican gray wolf, and the American red wolf.

Hours and Prices

  • Hours of operation: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Cafe and grill: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM (grill closes at 5:00 PM)
  • Nature Store: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Children's Animal Center: Currently closed
  • The park closes at 6:30 PM
  • Visitors must exit by 6:30 PM
  • No cars are admitted after 4:30 PM

  • Adults: $24.95 per person
  • Children (3-11): $19.95 per person
  • Children (2 and under): free


This is an absolute must see and will not disappoint! We’ve been to many animal attractions, but this may be one of the best! Where else can you stay in your car and have giraffes come up to your window to be hand fed?!
Will not disappoint! SarahZia, Trip Advisor
This was our fifth or sixth visit over a number of years and we’ll return again. The drive through the huge open ranges with wildebeests, oryxes, addaxes, various kinds of deer, and giraffes is just wonderful. We all enjoyed feeding the animals from the car but the highlight was hand feeding the giraffes. Three young giraffes took food right from our palms. They’re incredibly polite creatures, nibbling the hay pellets carefully. We are impressed by the animals’ excellent health and the sheer space they have to roam. Fossil Rim participates in international breeding and support programs for endangered animals and contributes to the reintroduction of animals to their original range. Loved our visit and am happy to support the park’s efforts in our small way.
Wonderful wild animal park! Heliodorus, Trip Advisor
Came with family for the self drive version of the visit. Really great experience. GENTLE giraffes were so sweet to us visitors. Licked food out of our hands. You see tons of different types of animals. Rhinos are huge! Ostrich are huge and hilarious. Anyway if you love animals and the Texas hills - great time! Next time I want to come back for a guided tour on a mid week day (was popular on a Saturday). Gift shop at overlook had some nice stuff. Self guided tour was a great pandemic activity!
Great-plan to come back for guided tour. BTMNSP, Trip Advisor